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Richard Raiban

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This month's special guest is Craig Anderson!

A few things about our guest you probably didn't know:
Having started DJ'ing during the late '80s playing at house parties and spinning what is now considered "classic house" and "retro", Craig has followed and studied the dance music scene throughout the '90s. After going through the whole "big trance" phase, he has refined his sound playing anything from wicked tribal to funky progressive with lush melodies and haunting vocals. Craig has also placed 2nd in the 2001 Klublife DJ contest, as well as placing 2nd in the Release Records bedroom DJ contest in 2002. He has played unique and well known venues across Toronto such as Element Bar and Lotus Nightclub and these days you can check him out playing at Lub Lounge every Saturday as well as System Soundbar once a month on Fridays. Year 2004 looks bright for this well respected and experienced jock.

Craig Anderson:
1) Jas - Doin' Dishes (w/ Danny Tenaglia Vocal from "Elements")
2) Bill Hamel - Phazon Phrequency
3) Minimalistix - Struggle For Pleasure
4) Tom Mangan - Chutney (Nick Muir Edit)
5) Amani vs Teapot - Wise Man Speaks
6) Sultan - Primal Instinct
7) Funk Function - Odysseus
8 ) Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Instrumental Mix)
9) Liminance - Grace (Brancaccio & Aisher Suicide Sport Dub)

Size: 53 MB
Length: 57:54
Bitrate: 128 kbps

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