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House Addict Radio Show 12.08.03

Richard Raiban

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HouseAddict.com Radio with Richard Raiban, Dec. 08, 2003

This week we're one man short of delivering the usual, but thanks to another stellar set by Richard Raiban you won't even notice the difference.

Tracklisting for Richard Raiban:

1) Chakra - I Am
2) Spooky - Andromeda
3) Woven - Soldier Me [Ben Camp Mix]
4) Lunik - Waiting [Fade Dub Mix]
5) Pierre Ravan & Safar - Divine Energy [Laurent Wolf Mix]
6) Express Soul - I'm Waiting [Luke Fair Mix]
7) Infusion - Unknown
8 ) Bjork - Kindness Kind [Delikate Imposters Mix]
9) Leftfield - Open Up
10) Origene - Sanctuary

Size: 55 MB
Length: 60:18
Bitrate: 128 kbps

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