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Richard Raiban

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As our first radio set in the New 2004, we've got a special guest all the way from BPM:TV, Cinar Onat, along with our very own Richard Raiban starting this year on a good note!

A few things about our guest you probably didn't know:
Cinar Onat, formerly known in most circles as DJ FuZioN, is System SoundBar’s only resident rotating trance DJ and has immersed himself in dance music and dance culture over the last 5 years. Taking his DJ skills to the next level he now incorporates a wide variety of electronic dance from house to techno to breaks into his sets. He plays for his crowd while remaining true to his form and the crowd rewards him with cheers and packed dance floors. Cinar has rocked full capacity venues in Toronto and in Montreal. He’s played all the hotspots such as Viva nightclub, and headlined events in Montreal such as "Utopia III", "Outerspace Energy", and "Out of This World." Cinar also holds a rotating resideny with Destiny Fridays at Circuit Nightclub. Taking his love of dance music to the next level, Cinar is also the music director, head-producer and an on-air host for BPM:TV, North America’s only dance music TV channel.

Cinar Onat:
1) Van Bellen & Greed - City Lights (Mathew Dekay Remix)
2) James Benitez - Star Chaser (Paranoid Jack Remix)
3) Peace Division - What Is This Sound (Superchumbo's Wow Dub)
4) Midnight Star - Freakazoid (J-Groove Mix)
5) Kid Vicious - Strange Love (Bootleg Mix)
6) Origene - Sanctuary (Harry Lemon Remix)
7) Minilogue - Leloo (Mike Hiratza Remix)
8) DJ Remy - Dustsucker
9) Briggs & Lievense - Breakdown
10) The Houselovers - Gotta Use It (Club Mix)

Size: 63 MB
Length: 69:25
Bitrate: 128 kbps

Richard Raiban:
***This set is filled with dark, dirty and chunky tribal progressive sounds that Richard once adored, and due to the set being recorded almost 2 years ago, there is no tracklisting available. Feel free to identify the tracks for others in this thread, though.

Size: 47 MB
Length: 65:48
Bitrate: 128 kbps

to listen to these sets click here http://radio.houseaddict.com
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