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House/Acid/Electronic Trevor 'isoprax' Wilkes - The Leftover Record Mix


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The last mix I posted (here) may not have had many views or replies but it's probably been my most downloaded and commented mix in a long time. Neat. Anyway, It was a super duper 3 hour mix and I thought I used pretty much every record in the bag I had with me. Not true! I grabbed the bag off the floor today to start putting stuff away and as I was going through it I noticed that there was a hadnful I hadn't touched.

So what I did was using the leftover records I recorded another hour as an addendum to the Dizzy Funk mix from last Saturday. It's in the same vein as the Live mix. Tribally house with lots of bass, Acid and some Art of Noise to round it off. Maybe not AS varied as the Live mix, but it's just the leftovers. Apparently I could have jammed another hour if pressed. Good to know for future reference I guess.

If you enjoyed the Live mix, this one will be a nice addition.

Trevor Wilkes Fun in the Murky

01 - Chiapet "Tick Tock (War Of The Worlds Mix)" Yoshitoshi Recordings 16
02 - Delano "Unknown" White
03 - Irving And Romeo "Brighter Day (Club Mix)" Dance Mania 39
04 - P.J. "Ain't No Stopping..." Stickman Records 05
05 - Gemini "Jovial" Relief 725
06 - Unknown "Untitled" Primitive 02
07 - Mr. James Barth "Above The Skyline" Svek 25
08 - Unknown "Unknown" White
09 - Morane "The Trick (Think Dark)" Perlon 34
10 - Trash Palace "Sex On The Beach (Playgroup Version)" Discograph 12
11 - The Art Of Noise "Legs (Inside Leg Mix)" Chrysalis
12 - Metro Area "Miura" Metro Area 04
13 - John Thomas "Blackstage" Logistic 20
14 - Unknown "Untitled" Primitive 02
15 - Blake Baxter "It's A Funky World" Underground Resistance 06
16 - Olex "DoubleDouble" Steel City Records 102
17 - Mike Ink "Playing With Knives" Speicher 16

59 Minutes / 256kbs / 106 mb
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