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House 2 House- this Thursday/ Friday!

Discussion in 'House Room' started by whitelabel_tm, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    ...changes to first night:

    taboolife presents:

    First Annual 'House 2 House'
    ~Easter long weekend~
    Thurs.Mar.28th + Fri.Mar.29th

    A 2 day house music event in 2 different venues. The first night
    features Toronto house music favourites. Accompanied by
    live horns and percussion courtesy of Live Grooves.

    The following evening features the premiere Toronto
    performance of vocalist Godwin-NYC. His single 'Only You',
    released on Todd Terry's UK label reached #1 this past summer.
    Produced by Tony Moran, re-mixer for Janet Jackson, Donna
    Summers and Patti LaBelle. Also featuring Toronto's own
    Shanchoy, a vocalist who has upcoming releases with several
    producers, including Hatiras. A delightful weekend of sweet,
    sweet live house music!

    Thurs. Mar.28th:

    Hali + Rod G. / poundhouse
    Tricky Moreira + Alvaro G / world famous playground
    Live Grooves / soulwhat - live percussion
    special guest: Juan Jaramillo - classic house / 17 year veteran dj

    @ Aria 457 Richmond st.w.
    cover: $5 b4 midnight and $10 after
    10- 6, 19+

    * * *

    Fri. Mar. 29th:

    Godwin -NYC Sound Design/ Ministry of Sound
    Shanchoy -vocalist
    Marc de Breyne / handforged
    Noah Frank / handforged
    Shane / soulshack

    @ Temple bar 469 King st. alleyway entrance
    cover $10 b4 midnight 10-4am, 19+

    UK Garage #1 on top ten track listings July 2001:

    1. Godwin - 'Only You' (Matt Lamont/DJ Face rmx)' (Sound Design)

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