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i have two hotmail accounts... hotmail now says how much space i have left on my account ....

On one of my accounts i have like 20 sumthin emails and it say that i have like 20% used up on my account..

Then on my other account i have 8 emails on it. And it says taht my space has maxed out and that all remaining emails have been sent back to the sender..

Can anyone Relate..???


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hotmail is getting really tight with their space limits now. they only let you have 2 megs. but it's free so who cares!

not enough room for chain letters and pictures of cats!


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they've always had a max of 2megs

just delete all those 200k emails full of porn pics, chain mail pics, and 2,000 forwarded email addresses ..

.. and you'll be fine
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The problem is the freakin junk mail!

Mine goes into the junk mail folder yet it still takes up space. I have very small messages in my inbox and its still at like 61%.

I looked at my junk mail folder 172 messages..deleted them all...voila 21%. Its junk mail, why is it using half my space?

Also using oulook express helps ALOT! I haven't used it since I reformatted for the 8th time (have to reinstall all my folders, messages etc.) But for big emails I just move them onto my hardrive, never overflows my hotmail :)