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Hotmail haaaaaaaaaalp


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Alright my hotmail is FRUSTRATING ME. It seems like a spammer has sent out a mass email but used my hotmail address as the reply address???

I'm getting tons and tons of returned messages from addresses that I've never even communicated with. However the majority of them state that there was a virus in the message. I don't get it, my hotmail can't be infected can it? And its all addresses I've never dealt with which leads me to believe its from a spammer how has just happened to use my address.

Either way I'm confuzzeld and need HELP!!! :(

BTW I don't think its a virus on my computer because I'm using Norton Antivirus 2004 and its completely updated with the latest virus definitions.
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that mydoom worm that was going around would spoof email addresses, meaning that it would put people's address as the reply to address even if the email didn't actually originate from them

so if someone you know got infected with it, the virus would try to send to you and could use your email address as a spoofed addy even if you don't have the virus on your system