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Hot Wheels?


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i've just returned from the Drake, where this spring's WABI event went down with aplomb. (good tymes, nice work Justin)

anyways, Snapper and i were having a smoke out front, and i kept getting distracted by a girl who was the spitting image of none of than one Ms. Courtney Cox. of course it turned out that it wasn't her but still. lots of good looking peeps about...

So we were filing back in and Snapper overheard another girl say to her friend while pointing at me, "that's guy's got nice wheels".

what i want to know is, what did she mean! i've gone to urbandictionary.com and their entries haven't really helped me out. do any of y'all know what the cool kids expression "nice wheels" means? am i that irresistible to the ladies, or do i just sport hot sneaks?

i got street meat on the way home, in a to-go container no less so i will eat this now....

help me out!
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wait, that does make perfect sense! it ISN'T my special woody with-just-a-hint-of-tobacco accents cologne tonight after all?

is it too late to delete this thread!?

o yea, you drove away with my smokes and lighter- damn on you!!


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you forgot the A between fucking and drunk.

the answer is yes, but it's not as co-dependant as it sounds.....

what are nice wheels!
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justin surdit

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I know that term is used by guys to describe a gal who has nice legs, but I dunno what it means when a gal says it about a guy...........

Dr Funk MD

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In today's world of ever evolving language it's probably best not to dwell on some term that a hipster douche is spouting while waiting in front of the Drake because:

1. By the time it catches on it won't be cool to use anymore.
2. If she's waiting to get into the Drake then she's not cool enough to be inventing new terms or even using them and "Hot Wheels" ceased to be cool before the 's' left her lips.
3. It's a brick term.
4. She's clearly a dinner plate who's totally not chillerific.
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JayIsBored said:
hotwheels=dinky cars

she was obviously referring to your package

and i wasn't even wearing my grey shorts. with red stripes!

i've decided to add it to my vanac-

"you're such a goddamn hot wheel."

"hey hot wheels, get me a menu wouldya?"

"yo hot wheels, i'm liking on you!"

"cool yer jets, hot wheels!"

what do you think.


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"Hi, I'm Hot Wheels."
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