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Hot Wheels - Rims for Civic/CRX

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
Might as well, see if anyone wants.

Rims for a Civic/CRX/Del Sol/Escort/Anything else 4x100 Bolt Pattern

Alessio Racing Wheels, 15"
5 Spoke with a curve design, look really sharp on a CRX
Rims are about 3 years old, some minor scuffs, but nothing that Wheel Wizards couldn't fix if you insist on them being perfect.


These only got driven for about 2 months before my car died, they are honestly at 90%+ Tread left on them.

Firestone Firehawk Z-Rated Rubber

The rubber alone cost $950

Asking $600 Firm based on rubber and condition of rims.

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
Since I don't have any wbe space to put these up on I'm just gonna reply 5 times. :)

Lemme know soon, I got a couple people here asking too.

Again, read the description, and judge based on the pictures.
Two are mint, two are minor scuffs that are repairable. That considered is why I'm only asking $600.

CRAP! I can't post these pics, someone help please! I don't have web space! Someone wanna host these for me please? They're only 400K altogether!
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