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hot hot heat @ the opera house (sunday): FUCK YEAH


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those who didn't go to this show missed the fuck out.
last show of their tour and their second sold-out night in toronto, they were in fine form (read: out of CONTROL). definitely one of the best rock shows i've seen this year. the energy in there was palpable.
highlights included (but not limited to)
crowd surfing
drunk guys on stage
drunk girls on stage
guest appearances by members of the unicorns
jamie from the unicorns fucking RAWKING OUT on the side of the stage for the entire show. clearly pissed out of his mind.
the bassist jumping BACKWARDS off stage into the crowd WHILE STILL PLAYING. poor crew guy scrambling to get him back on stage, only to be nearly run over by the same bassist once he was back on his feet as he leapt across the stage.
guitar smashing (the remaining parts were ceremoniously handed/tossed out to the crowd)
steve bays swaggering and strutting and being a good guy at one-handed keyboard. and quite the hot little big haired potato.
EVERYBODY up on stage during the last encore, during which the unicorns came back out and they played the stones' "you can't always get what you want" while steve continuously screamed "FUUCK YEEEAAAH" into the mic.

i cannot WAIT for their next tour.


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see, I thought that I had witnessed a 'great' show in London at CTO until I read this review. :|

Oh well, at least I got to see them play a 'good' show.
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