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Hot Docs Film Festival


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anyone checking this out?


i requested some passes to:
All about my father
Bad Girl, Man Made Woman, Wonderful World of Wau Wau
Family Secret
Georgie Girl

the more i read into the website, the more interested i became. check it out!


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My friends have gone the last couple of years but it always clashed with my exams.

This year, I was going to go with Anth but he's having major surgery on the 29th.

So, no hot docs for us.
Hospital instead.


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yeah, one of my good friends is doing a lot of the creative work for the festival & i've scooped a couple of passes to check it out...should be fun...

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My best friends film got into this one

Director: Adam Schafer
Canada, 2001
40 min, Betacam SP

"There's no time to be scared of the truth." Part nastee boy diary Mississaugua-style, part coming-of-age tale, 19-year-old Schafer's raw video pushes home movie conventions beyond the breaking point. Armed only with his camcorder, and stuck in a grim, confusing and almost hopeless suburban wasteland, Schafer shot over 200 hours of his everyday life and cut it down into a hard-edged, rapid-fire tour through a strange, rarely seen place. Raging teenage hormones, high school gang violence, rampant drug consumption, boredom, fear, Adam's gay dad, his dying grandmother - all are woven together with Schafer's metaphoric musings on his own fate as a lost, wild fox about to be shot. David McIntosh.

Saturday May 4, 11:15 pm
Royal Cinema
To be screened with The Daddy of Rock'n'Roll