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Horse Burgers Anyone?

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
Tesco (grocery store in the UK) has been selling horse burgers. I know this cause the awesome horse burger jokes have been running thru my news feed for a good 24hrs now.

From Tescos fb page:
We apologise.

You have probably read or heard that we have had a serious problem with three frozen beef burger products that we sell in stores in the UK and Ireland.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has told us that a number of products they have recently tested from one of our suppliers contained horsemeat.

While the FSAI has said that the products pose no risk to public health, we appreciate that, like us, our customers will find this absolutely unacceptable.

The products in our stores were Tesco Everyday Value 8 x Frozen Beef Burgers (397g), Tesco 4 x Frozen Beef Quarter Pounders (454g) and a branded product, Flamehouse Frozen Chargrilled Quarter Pounders.

We have immediately withdrawn from sale all products from the supplier in question, from all our stores and online.

If you have any of these products at home, you can take them back to any of our stores at any time and get a full refund. You will not need a receipt and you can just bring back the packaging.

We and our supplier have let you down and we apologise.

If you have any concerns, you can find out how to contact us at the bottom of this page, or go to any of our customer service desks in-store, or ask to speak to your local Store Manager.

So here’s our promise. We will find out exactly what happened and, when we do, we’ll come back and tell you.

And we will work harder than ever with all our suppliers to make sure this never happens again.

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
Had one of those Tesco burgers earlier...think it's given me the trots....

Just checked my tesco burgers in the fridge........ And there off

I was in Tesco cafe earlier and the waitress asked if i wanted anything on my burger, i said yeah - a fiver each way.

Klubmasta Will

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horse meat is delish. they sell it at metro grocery stores in montreal. when i used to have an office in montreal, i would routinely bring a bag of horse meat home in my suitcase.
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Miniature ponies must be particularly delicious, and they are also gluten-free!
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I need some horse meat, stat. St. Lawrence Market or Kensington? Or maybe I will hit up that Carne Equinus place on Islington at lunch.



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It's quite tastey. I've only eaten (ate?) it raw. In that form it's called "basashi".

I also ate whale and dog, which, by western standards is considered taboo.

But why?

I've never ate dolphin, but I would.

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Boss Hog

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I'll be living in Mongolia next year, so that will include a diet of lots of free-range meat... including horse.

I've had it in Korea but find the taste a bit strong for me. But like just about everything Koreans eat, "it's good for virility."


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Eh. We had ground horse and leftover xmas turkey tacos the other night. Scarfed em down. Only complaint I have about horsemeat is that i t don't taste better than beef, so why bother...?


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Eh. We had ground horse and leftover xmas turkey tacos the other night. Scarfed em down. Only complaint I have about horsemeat is that i t don't taste better than beef, so why bother...?
It's much much leaner - so from a health aspect, that's a huge reduction in unnecessary saturated fats.
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I learned the other day during my search for horsemeat that horse and cow can't be sold in the same butcher shop because of the risk of cross contamination - from the beef to the horse (tuberculosis) and not the other way round. Horses are very clean animals, whereas cows are filthy vermin, apparently.