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horizon005 [bass music]


TRIBE Member
sweet tech heavy mix, banger for spring!
awesome set to start the week with.

By Bruce Trail
1 Revolver
By South London Ordnance
2 Newspeak
By Martyn
3 Trace
By Midland
4 Beats Me
By Boddika
5 The Click
By Dark Sky & Breach
6 Brim
By Bambounou
7 Bellywedge
By Huxley
8 Harpy
By Justin Martin, Eats Everything
9 Furrball
By Paleman & Zed Bias
10 Trevino - Forged (Ghostek Re-Rub)
By Ghostek
11 Dissipate
12 The Arches (Len Faki DJ-Edit)
By Mikael Jonasson
13 Umbriel
By Ronan Teague
14 Motion The Dance
By Untold
15 Fate
By Joy Orbison & Boddika
16 Diesel
By Huxley
17 Chunky
By Mak & Pasteman
18 Hackney Parrot
By Tessela
19 For These Times
By Four Tet
20 Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)
By Janet Jackson

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