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Hope they got some killers and their guns off the street


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Police descended on 60 locations rounding up dozens of suspects in a series of pre-dawn raids in Rexdale Thursday morning.

The massive operation may be the largest of its kind in Toronto Police history.

Approximately 600 officers from the RCMP, OPP, Peel, York and Durham Regions and the Toronto Police Guns and Gangs Task Force raided the locations, including one at John Garland Boulevard and Martin Grove, at 5:30am in the northwest part of the city stretching into Peel Region.

There’s word that the slick and simultaneous raids were targeting members of a specific, high profile gang. Police are expected to divulge details of the huge operation later Thursday morning.

The raiding parties of officers and police dogs moved into position in the back of rented cube vans and it’s believed the busts stemmed from the largest wiretap operation in Canadian police history.

There was a steady stream of cruisers and police wagons carrying suspects and some children to 23 Division Thursday morning and so far at least 40 people are in custody. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair arrived at the station around 7:30am.

Shortly after the raids, police stopped and searched cars in the area looking for any suspects who may have slipped away from them during the early morning action.


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Yeah, been following this a bit over the past couple hours...looks like there's gonna be a press conference at 10:30am to discuss this further.
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- 98 search warrants served
- So far 78 ppl charged, "hundreds more charges" to be processed.
- seized 20 firearms (?)
- vehicles, money, etc.


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guns and gangs has been earning its funding for months now. It is a task force comprised of some of the younger crown's in our city. They work hard and are gettign results fast. The group has only been together a few months. Its amazing what the gen X'ers can do if the ancient-ones butt out