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What a great night. Wicked music. Did anyone else catch the Shannon sample? Good crowd once the losers cleared. Matt C is onto something with his new night. Any input?????


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Definitely a great night out.
It is amazing.
Nice atmosphere, nice crowd, nice staff, nice everything.

Honey Dijon played a great set.
I love that Missy Elliott track :)
It was my first time seeing her, and she did not disappoint.
I had to leave early, but if she ended as strong as she started then everyone must have had a fabulous time.

I don't know if it can draw me away from my Communicate Fridays, but it's a nice change to try something new.
I kinda wish I had grabbed a flyer, anyone have an extra?
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i'm aware of that
i've been told that transsexuals/transvesites prefer to be referred to as whatever gender they have adopted
thus "she"