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Hong Kong: Where to Go, What to See?


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I'm going to be there for 5 days in mid-January. Just wondering if anyone has been there and can recommend places to see.



Tourist Attractions?

Parts of the City?
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That huge circular mall with a million floors is fun.

Lantau Island is amazing. Serene and peaceful if you can ignore all the tourists. But because it's a Buddhist place, no one shouts and stuff. It's like a library island or something where everyone whispers.

It's a pain in the ass to get to but even the trip is amazing. You go by bus on these cliffs on this mountain thing and then you have to take this weird trolly and then a ferry.

There are little markets on the ground where you can get your fortune told (if you know Chinese) and eat traditional Chinese delicacies like boiled tea eggs (SO good), Chinese teas that will blow you away and tofu desserts.

Then you can walk up the HUGE stairs up to the giant Buddha which faces north toward China. It is absolutely beautiful on a sunny day, especially at sunset.

There is also an amazing Chinese garden (only there, it's just called a garden. whon whon) where you make a little donation. It's right in the heart of the shopping district in Kowloon. I forgot what it's called but you'll have the Gap and then all of a sudden, there are these stairways that lead up to a secret garden. It is VERY nice. Birds, water fountains, amazing flowers and architecture..

The beach was amazing too. Hong Kong has a Monaco-like beach where there are these amazing sculptures strewn about. I would go do some sun-bathing and some shopping there. It's quite ritzy but totally tourist-friendly.

GO CHECK OUT THE NIGHT TIME RESTAURANTS and the food carts. Food carts will have all sorts of delicious skewers. Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, fishballs, beef... It's all stewed and AMAZING. Much better than the shit they have here at Chinatown center.

And the afterhours restaurants are part of Chinese culture. We call it "sick siu yeh" which translates to "eating bbq'd things." If you hear someone ask you to do that, do it. It's so much fun to go out at 11 pm and to find a streetside hole in the wall with tons of people eating noodles and such. Best noodles ever.

Order the blood jello on "gow choi." It's a Hong Kong specialty. Very common but totally gross at the same time. The fried noodles will leave you breathless because they are so good. They whip them up and top them off like crazy.

If you're lucky enough to be near any marketplaces, they are a great place to go for food instead of the supermarket. You can get roasted pigeon which is ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY one of the best things. Better than duck, better than the pigeon we get here and far superior to turkey. It's not gamey and very meaty. GET IT if you like duck. They also sell lots of great buns and fruits for dirt cheap, freshly-made each morning.

As for clubbing, I heard there was one really big club like the one we have here where lots of top DJs go. Everyone from Sasha to Oakenfold. Hong Kong is very electronic music friendly, it seems.