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Honey drops


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i was reading Neil Youngs biography.

he mentions spending alot of time in the seventies being spent doing "honey drops"....and from what i gather it's some method of marijuana intake involving a frying pan and honey.

anyone else eer heard of this and care to elaborate?
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If it requires butane, it's probably a simple butane extraction. I've done it, and yeah, you end up with what looks like honey, but is much more sticky.

And it's quite a different high, since it basically extracts only a few cannabinoids from the weed.


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Honey slides, my man:


This is the fastest and most palatable method of
eating grass. You will thank us for this recipe a
hundred times over.

1 heaping teaspoon of grass.

2 or 3 tablespoons of honey

Fry the grass as if you were making the elixir*, but
you don't have to grind it. Heat the honey
(important). While the honey is still warm, add the
fried grass and mix it well. The honey completely
coats the grass, and when you eat it it just slides
down your throat. Serves one.

*taken from the ELIXIR recipe:

Take the amount of grass which you're going to use and
put it into a dry frying pan. Fry the grass over a low
to medium fire for about five minutes, stirring it to
be sure it doesn't burn. It is done when it begins to
turn brown and wisps of smoke appear.