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Honey Dijon @ Life


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Not a bad time at all. I haven't been here in some time. Like others, Life had left a slight bad taste in my mouth because of the clientele it would bring in. I had heard that the night was now "cleaned up" and it was Nation's one year anniversary.

Myka started things off with a rockin' set. Good hard tracks right off the bat put me into a drinking frenzy. Dis boy iz 4 real!

Steve Bug (not Steve Buo as I drunkenly misread - I thought the 'g' was a stylized 'o') was next on deck with a very tribal and deep progressive house set. It was decent...but you could feel the anticipation in the air for Miss Honey....

Peeps goes out to hard workin' Tammy....for guest list props and of course making me and my friend feel very comfortable. Also a hollar goes out for the free Jag at the bar. (Two or three quick shots can always put someone in a good mood.)

Finally Miss Honey D threw down and wild thoughts started to cloud my head again of the Industry days when I first saw Honey D at a "New York, New York" party. She was lookin' fly *ahem* for a transvestite...and feeling the dance floor vibe. Sure there was some cheese tracks....but hey..."Dude look's like a lady!" There were fairly decent tracks for the most part. Only one critique of Honey: the backspin mixout. I think that there were one too many for my stomach to handle. Oh no...not a double backspin mixout!!

Overall a good night. I showed up not expecting to know anyone and low and behold all kinds of familiar faces came out of the woodwork.

Two things should be noted..... Life is STILL HOT as HELL down there. I eventually needed to grab a seat for some air....and then eventually left after Honey finished her set. Point number two is that the crowd was much friendlier and appeared to have cleaned up quite a bit.

All in all....a good experience.


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I can't believe I missed Honey Dijon!