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Homeless woman fined for building her own home

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Terrible. I could really run my mouth off on this, but I'm going to bite my tongue.

But If you want to not live in run down government housing with 50 other people. While all the repair money is stolen and mismanaged by your chiefs. Go ahead.

We're talking she's built a nice little shack in the deep sticks. I can't believe she would be getting nailed to the wall on this.

But lets say if you have the required money to properly rent land to build a teepee to live like the natives for a winter, then you can be this guy:

"At first there was a lot of 'What are you thinking'-type questions and, 'Have you thought of this, have you thought about this,' because, of course, their primary concern is that I'm going to be safe and not freeze to death," said Ferster.

"One thing that I wanted to do with this is to have it a stereotype buster. I don't, you know, work outside, or for parks. I work downtown. I wear a suit to work. I have suits here. I have a regular life."

Calgarian living in teepee despite freezing temperatures - Calgary - CBC News

I guess the problem is she built it just outside a reserve. Technicality for building it on her old family home's spot? It shouldn't be a reason.


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I'm torn on this. I sympathize with her situation and likely would have done something similar. Hell, my family did the same thing in the late 1700s, but at the same time what precedent is set if they don't do anything?


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I see what you are saying, but given that it's "crown land" adjacent to an unorganized township ( I didn't even know such a thing existed!), it certainly doesn't bother me.

The fund-raiser (which is still going on) is pretty well attended, which is nice to see.
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I too am torn on this. On one hand, building a house on land-territory that you don't own is basically squatting

however, this woman has serious resourcefulness and carpentry skills if she can build a house from scratch and it don't look like shit. That must score some bonus points somewhere? (as in, job offers, not anal government fines...:confused:)

- a solution. Take these articles, (and public reaction/comments), find a good social media agent, and start crowdfunding, via kickstarter or whatever, to build a real house, on personally leased land. Not just buy it. Build it.

I suggest she should go for 200,000$ to start