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Home with House ep30 - Summer Nights

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Velvety, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Velvety

    Velvety TRIBE Member

    This month's Home with House podcast is another mix full of deep and regressive tracks. Mixed with a vibe intended for hot summer evenings spent under the stars, episode 30 is smooth and uplifting. Inspired by warm breezes and fun spent with friends, this mix should be a great backdrop for your summer nights.

    Episode 30 is called "Summer Nights".


    1. EDX - Hoover (Original Mix)
    2. Evren Ulusoy - Believe (Original Mix)
    3. Alex Parks - Mad World (Claes Rosen Remix)
    4. Ross Couch - The Sound Barrier (Original Mix)
    5. Arthur Deep - Remember The Summer (Dinka Remix)
    6. Arthur Deep - In Motion (Original Mix)
    7. EDX - Party Of Politics (Original Club Mix)
    8. Seamus Haji - Good Times (Original Mix)
    9. Super8 & TAB feat. Anton Sonin - Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix)
    10. Davidson, Sebastian/edwin/Ferdy - The Zound Of Muzik (Evren Ulusoy Sound Of Cosmos Remix)
    11. Nieghel & Retroid - Outset (Arthur Deep Remix)
    12. J Axel & Astrid Suryanto - Roam (Highway 73 Remix)

    Download and listen to this mix here:
    hwh30 - Summer Nights

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    Home with House

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