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Home with House ep29 - Soul, Funk & Jazz

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Velvety, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Velvety

    Velvety TRIBE Member

    Episode 29 of the Home with House podcast is here and ready for the summer. Full of soulful, jazzy and funky fresh house music, this mix is both chill and upbeat at various points. So give it a listen and enjoy it in this hot summer heat.

    Episode 29 is called "Soul, Funk & Jazz".


    1. Eriq Johnson - Another Girl (Monodeluxe Remix)
    2. Ross Couch - We Belong Together (Original Mix)
    3. Jazzmopper J - Back For More (Original Mix)
    4. Jazz Juice - Fever (Pagany Jazzy Mix)
    5. Jazzmopper J - High Wonder (Original Mix)
    6. Soulmagic Vs. Imagination - New Dimension (Soulmagic Classic Mix)
    7. J&M Brothers - This Night (Original Mix)
    8. Scott Watson - Free Yourself (Main Mix)
    9. D-t3ch - Unseen Things (Original Mix)
    10. Ross Couch - Spanish Dancer (Original Mix)
    11. Spacebeats - In The Blue Fields (DJ Umbi Deep Remix)
    12. Jazzmopper J - Girls I Used To Know (Original Mix)
    13. Andy Compton feat. Kafele - Above The Sky (Bazil's Remix)
    14. Ielo - Ameya (Original Mix)

    Download and listen to this mix here:
    hwh29 - Soul, Funk & Jazz

    Checkout past episodes and more here:
    Home with House

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