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Home phone, internet, cable, cell


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Do you think I can find anyone out there that can help me??

What a bunch of fuck sticks!!!!!

I need.

2 phone lines.
- One unlimited LD no other options
- One local, call ID and answering machine

High speed internet connection

Cell plan

Cable, maybe


I get anxiety talking with these people!!!!

Dirty Girl

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Id probably try Bell or Rogers if it was me :p

although I would only get rogers cable cause I dont like that bell one!


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When I moved I did everything online with Bell. It's not so much that I hate talking to people as I hate being on hold until the next Ice Age comes.

Don't know if they'd be the right option for you, but I didn't have to speak to them! :)


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unlimited internet up & downloads = Acanac.ca

they have a nice workaround to avoid Bell's throttling of torrents if you are into that kind of thing.
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