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This is just a copy i posted from another board cos im a lazy guy

Well you guys know how Steve Lawler was...multiply that by 3 and you get Slacker's kickass set. He started out with housey grooves, somewhat toned down a bit just to warm us up. But then he f uckin' tore @#%$ up so bad i still can't believe it. in my short span in this scene i have to say that this was the BEST set i have ever heard. I'm not a trainspotter so i can't tell you what tracks he played but the were intense deep hard, with absolutely brilliant breakdowns, buildups, and fucked up vocals. i remember some tracks like Reap What You Sow, KC's Voices, im just glad i didn't here saints and sinners or trisco once all night It was one of those nights that whomever you looked at the words "f uckin unbelievable" were exchanged. This certainly made up for that deep dish fiasco last weekend.

PS Kevinj, Yellowbelly, and I have a juicy dish of gossip but we can't say anything

Sorry I don't know any of u tribe guys, but i was the dancing fool with the backwards yankee cap and blue checkered shirt...SEE YOU AT BURRIDGE


Ja5on, it's me Nesta. I want to know the gossip! E-mail me at nestore@sarracini.com. Good to hear Slacker ripped it up! Anybody coming to see Mark Scaife tonight at Element...$5 cover..I think b4 midnight. Peace!


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ARGH!!!! Okay, now I'm really upset that I had to leave early (well, when a friend's sick... what can you do?
Yeah, the first half hour of his set was quite impressive (actually better than I thought)
Now I guess I'll just have to wait a week to hear Burridge!



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Absolutely off the muhfuggin hook!!!!

3 1/2 hours of completely slammin' progressive house.
Slacker came in to Breathe after some seriously wikked sets (Cass, Lawler, Lieb) and he just took it up a notch like he knew that the crowd would accept nothing less.
And did he ever blow the place up!!!

I don't know...but I'd take the fall as a sign that Breathe is going to be the only place to be on Friday's for the rest of this year and all of 2001.

You guys are literally going to lose your s@^t when you see the Breathe schedule for the first three months of the new year.
And Lee Burridge this Friday (Dec. 8) and Mauro Picotto (Dec. 15) and Matt Coleridge (Dec. 22) and Anthony Pappa (Dec. 31)!!!!

Blowin' up!!!


Big up the Breathe Crew, for real! Fridays have never been the same...
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Yeah Slacker was solid. Nice stuff, great set!

Hats of to the back room too, very cool little vibe going on in there. Luke, Carlos and crew doing it nicely.