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Holy Panther Alert


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I left late last night from work and walked by Indigo yesterday at 530 only to be stopped by a sexy, hot, smoken panther of a broad signing autographs.

Seeing that I was in no state to get in line, because I couldn't form a sentence, except to say "hot", "smoken", "sexy broad", "must touch the hinny", etc, etc. Security escorted me out.

I put my face to the window glass to catch a peak, attempted not to droll all over the glass and my shoes. I did notice her wink at me though. I never stood a chance :(

btw it was Canada's own Kim Cattrall. I still cant believe Trudeau banged this chick.


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She had me at Porky's - Ms. Honeywell... "Lassie"...


Damn, full-frontal... so much material to go on...