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HOLY FUCK. UNREAL 3 Is gonna make me barf!


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It's ingame shots like these that revolutionize level designs and raise the standard in gaming graphics.

How long have we been waiting for grass!? omg.. it's about time.

Now hurry up and finish the damn game already. hehe



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isn't unreal 2 coming out with doom3 though?

doesn't that mean unreal 3 is a 2nd generation future game?

5 more years till u3 ;0)


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oops.. sorry i mean unreal 2

damn... too late to edit my threadtitle..

sorry about that... unreal 2 (these screenshots) should be released in the 2nd quarter of 2002. (summertime i guess)

also, i just heard that GTA3 is FINALLY comming out for PC in may 2002
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It appears the true name of this game will be called 'unreal tournament 2003) ... screenshots take from gamespot and unreal2.com


Okay, dont look at the girl... instead look at how good that grassy hill on the right looks!!!

good god damn..



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i think whoever brings their new engine out first ... doom3 or unreal2 .. is going to be champion of 3d

doom3 and unreal2 are in fierce competition and unless they're released relatively together, whichever is first is going to reap the benefits of having every following game use it's engine
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Originally posted by RJ45
meh. it's still just a fps.
First person shooters are singlehandedly pushing the graphics technologies, and that's why new ones are always amazing to look at and play. You can always expect them to push the envelope of a craphics card.


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Originally posted by t-boy

let me guess... you like crapegy games, right?
lol... tom.. that's a stretch. hehe

crapegy is fun.. i've got WARCRAFT 3 beta sitting on my HDD.. waiting to be burned.



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Originally posted by OTIS
First person shooters are singlehandedly pushing the graphics technologies,...
Very true. Most of the card manufactures bench mark their cards performance and design them with such software in mind.
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Evil Dynovac

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I'm still trying to master Unreal for the PS2.

It's a good FPS but the capture the flag and domination games are really good too.

When you play the games that allow you to talk to your CPU teammates it becomes more than just shooting, there's strategy in there as well.

Video games are the only thing in life that doesn't let me down.


Adam Duke

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Here i am thinking about purchasing more music gear, and now it looks like I'll be getting a new CPU and graphics card.