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Holy Fuck Slacker!!! (ver 2.0)

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ThePlunger, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    Well, as most of you probably know, Steve Lawler couldn't spin because his records got lost. Big dissapointment but...

    Slacker was re-scheduled to play a 5 hour set! [​IMG] Slacker rocked the house like nobody's business. I couldn't been happier! He outdid his December set by miles. I danced 'till I could dance no more. Just before I was going to leave, he throws down Intensify. Off the hook! (right back on the dancefloor) Left at approx. 4:45, as I was tired and thoughly acheing.

    The few of the Tribers I saw, all made my b-day awesome! Cheers! [​IMG]

  2. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    *ANNIHILATING!!!!!* [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. dj_jake_the_snake

    dj_jake_the_snake TRIBE Member

    sounded a lot like underworld (their live album). doesn't get any better than that [​IMG]
  4. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    definitely a great evening...slacker played incredible tunes (steve you missed africa ca ca ca ca & to digress for a minute the chemical brothers never cease to amaze me with their adaptability to the changing music scene, & the same goes for mr cook)...farewell bash for lisa, & i don't believe anyone left disappointed...slacker definitely played hard & funky all night long, & had everyone singing along to "hide u" which is probably turning into one of those massive summer hits...i had a great time hanging out with everyone (nesta sporting the brand new nyc tee, steve still recovering from his jetsetting superstar dj itnerary [​IMG], pleasure talking to el presidente, tara, lynn, rick, adam mark y'all can party & all the other people i was introduced to...)...

    i'm not sure how many more crazy evenings my body can take of red bulls & dancing til dawn, but i definitely had a blast last evening...so lisa best wishes for a safe trip & we will see you soon [​IMG] have a great weekend everyone, my plans were to check out richie this evening, but i'm thinking i may slow down a little...enjoy your weekend...

  5. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    Great evening. Music was great as usual. but friends were even better. Don't leave Lisa, we're gonna miss you so much. I'll send that pic to you ASAP.

    The back room was rocking once again. For anyone that was there around 2am, Luke Fair debuted a rough version of his new track. Lets just say this guy is brilliant. He's created a new genre of music (Ragga house), and I felt priveledged to hear it for the first time. Awesome stuff Luke, you talented bastard.
  6. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    Once again a fun night at System. Shouts out to Lisa(hope everything works out in the west). It was nice to see so many original GU board members out. Caught about the first hour of Slacker. He dropped...somebody help me out here-Deeper ______ by PMT(Sander K mix)...ohhh, what a track! That vocal is deadly! Big ups to Luke Fair for dropping his latest project-pure ragga house. A Tyrant track no doubt, I'm sure it will be in their box in the near future.

    ---------->the future is bright!!
  7. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    nesta, the track is PMT Deeper Water - (Sander K mix)...you should check out the wookie slut mix from last year around april/may...seriously nice bassline...& totally forgot about that new luke fair track as i sort of wandered in near the end & everyone was freaking out...dub nation [​IMG]

  8. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    I was there...

    it was good...

    music mMMmMmMmmMmmmMMMmmMMMM [​IMG]

    anybody got that deeper water track in MP3?? (I thought it was funny the way everybody was clawing thier way to the DJ booth to ask. me too! [​IMG]

    great seeing Will, Daniel, Heather [​IMG], Susan Oh (why aren't you on tribe dammit?), and lovely being served by Eva, hottest bartender in the house for real!

  9. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    yes [​IMG] (to PMT deeper water)
  10. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    Koma and Bones mix of Deeper Water is nice too...
  11. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    her name is actually Ima pronounced eee-ma
    don't worry i made the same mistake....

    You guys should all come to the System Cruise on July 25th, all the residents will be there
    only $20
  12. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    LoL Whoops!

    Cruises seem really dodgy to me... what if you want to leave? Yer screwed
  13. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    i coudln't agree more....which is why im trying to recruit people to share in this experience so i don't have to be stuck on a boat for 5 hours with people i don't know

    I already paid for my ticket [​IMG]
  14. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    You've a mighty fine point there my friend [​IMG]

    I'll think about it, i've a friend coming to stay for a while, might be a kick for her [​IMG]

    Have we met?
  15. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    is this question pertaining to me?
    Because yes, we have met...and the fact that you have no clue who I am makes this whole situation even more funny [​IMG]
  16. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    Oh man I really need to get my head checked [​IMG]
  17. Da grunj

    Da grunj TRIBE Member

    Ok, was that a typical Breath Friday @Systems? Was that a good night?

    We bolted @ 3:00am which was kinda early, so maybe we did not give Slacker enough of a chance? But from what I heard, it was'nt for me (too many balls and ?weak? music).....or any of us.

    Did it get any "better"?

  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thoiught slacker was alright, but he could have played a little harder.
  19. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    I was a little disappointed at first, but the music definitely picked up after 3:00am. More upbeat, with heavier basslines. I eventually had to force myself to leave.

    Nonetheless, I was a bit surprised by how quickly the club cleared out. Seemed alot of people left between 2 and 3. Meh.


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