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Holy crap, what a nice Labour Day weekend!


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Perfect camping up in the Magickal Forest, some DJing, some treasure hunting (although I didn't find any gold).That TRIBE recommended air mattress I bought at MEC is amazing and worth the $$.

What did you do?


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Toxic Tour in Aamjiwnaang First Nation (near Sarnia), Neil Quigley @ Round, yummy bbq in friends gorgeous backyard and random patio'ing.

Looove this weather.


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Too humid for my tastes. I did barbecue once, but other than that I was indoors enjoying the exquisite sin of central air.
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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This weekend was glorious. Spent Sunday and Monday at a beach on Lake Huron, including a nighttime bonfire on the beach and late night skinny dipping. This was the type of weekend that summers were made for, especially considering that historically we are just trying to avoid the rain on Labour Day (and even the civic holiday this year got rained out on the Sunday).