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*Hollistic Expo- March 17, 18 & 19*


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Any other hippie dippie people hitting this up?

I go every year. It's pretty cool if you are into organic foods, products and hollistic living.

It's at the Convention centre and it's 10 bucks.

I am going on the Friday evening..cause I work all weekend.

Alex D-if you are up to coming again this time, I am meeting Sherene there at 6:30 at the entrance right after you give your ticket to walk in to the exhibits. I might be there already by 4:30 with my baby niece and sis in law. We can take hippy crack together again.:D

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Flashy_McFlash said:
What? You can do nitrous there?

No no sorry to get you all excited. We used to call nitrous hippy crack as well when I went to some Dead shows years back. That stuff is fun.

But no..this is Liquid Vitamin B that makes you re-tarded. Alex and I did some at the last Hollistic fair and Alex called it that.