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holiday ideas


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This holiday season I am done exams on the 16th. That gives me until january 4th before I start back at school again. From the 30th to the 1st i'll be in montreal ringing in the new year with a bunch of friends...But... that leaves me with two weeks of holiday fun in town.

So... I was thinking about my options for the holiday.. Not having to worry about the next deadline, being able to sleep in, not being so stressed, having more time for friends, etc.

But what am I missing? I guess I could throw a texas hold'em night or something that brings a bunch of friends together and is the new 'it' thing these days.

Right now the chick on my left is naked and is reading all you need to know about the music business. I am eating candy. It's like a pre-vacation.

time to go down on her.
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