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Holey Sh*t - I Got In!!!


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just got this in my inbox 2 minutes ago:

Congratulations Thomas!

You have been accepted to the University of Toronto, Master of
Architecture programme for September 2002.

YAHOOOOO !!!!!!~~~

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you got your acceptance thru email? strange, yet efficient.


if only i had a bit of artistic qualities i would have loved to get into architecture.



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You should be very proud of yourself :) Good luck!

On a related note, I found out today that I got the internship I really wanted! (I'm extra proud because I had to compete and they picked me!)


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Congrats. Make sure you study hard and don't party too much, or else you'll be like this guy:


(I know this picture is over done, but it's just too damn funny)

:( <-------Ready to puke
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follow your dream! follow it!

p.s. you're just doing this so that laura can say she is dating a student, right? ;)
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Originally posted by stir-fry
congrats dood.

make sure you work on your spelling before your first day (see thread title)

don't be silly, architects are idea people....tehy don't need to know how to spell.


Way to go Tommy!

Make Canada's architecture great one day. Please?

Feel free to draw inspiration from those damn Czechs.
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oh wow! yay, tommy go!!!!!!!!
yes, you see, never give up your dreams.
"dreams are memories from the future"
i totally believe in this.


i also continue chasing after my new dreams :)

thanks for sharing your great news!


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