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Hole Punchin' House Mix

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
Yo fam!

Whipped this mix up tonight as soon as I got home from work. One shot, no plan other than to make myself dance. Maybe it will make you dance too.

Made on my new Pioneer DDJ SX3 (I've fully crossed over to the darkside of digital...no looking back now)

Four Tet - Baby
Leatherette - Baby Who
Bwi Bwi - ???
Trackstars (Delroy Edwards and Benedek) - ???
Omar S - Rewind
The Revenge - The Grit (? maybe?)
Ben Mono - Jesus was a BBoy
Marcel Vogel - I Got Jesus (Karizma remix)
Karizma - Work it out (tried mixing 3 at time here.....I'm no Carl Cox)
Timothy Blake - Somebody
The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Will Saul and ? remix)
Carlo - Perfect Plan
Tom Trago - Use Me Again (Carl Craig remix)
Pablo Pepstacy - All Day Long (I Hear my Telephone Ring)
Hotmood - The Funky Descarga
Austin Ato - Bobby (Lawn)
Riva Star, Mark Broom - Gotta Have it
Justin Martin - Sad Piano (Charles Webster remix)
Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep
Mall Grab - Can't (Get You Outta My Mind)
DJ Meme and Marcos Valle - Jazz Carnival (DJ Meme Original Discotheque Mix)
Kerri Chandler - Track 1 (maybe it's called Atmosphere? I dunno...)
Noel Ellis - Memories

Bobby Lawn January 2021 HOUSE

Hope you're all surviving. Moved my family (wife, 2 kids and a house now!) up North North.

One day I will come back to rip up a dancefloor witch ya'll!!!! Or meet me halfway at Harvest Fest this year!!!
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
Ha, not thaaaat far North (Sault Ste Marie - where my wife is from)

And yeah - I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends GO BANG on a dancefloor...

I threw a rave in the men’s cell block of a prison up here! It was wild. And my Post Covid party will be in a former high school. (had to throw my own parties since no one else really does. Give these yutes some culture and memories)

Hope you’re good Jonathan!