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The sun dying on a dusty room,
Tv lying to me through the gloom,
Even remote control can’t change this mood,
Get outta london while the getting’s good,
Get outta london while I know I could,
Get outta london.

Train’s come just ride and believe,
The engine running’s all the music I need,
I’ve got a fear of the past and a hunger to feed,
Get outta london and you shall be free,
Get outta london and it’s guaranteed,
Get outta london.

I walked the avenue of dumb signs,
Meant nothing and it felt fine,
Then I remembered what was really mine,
A silver shiver running down my spine.

Down where the streets are pave with sick schemes,
The river’s running like a snake through a dream,
The politicians gaze across it’s slime,
I need another way to waste my time,
Get outta london, get outta london.

I saw the spectre of charity,
And he didn’t seem brotherly,
Popping up what should be blown away.
A brotherhood of man in disarray,
I got hit by the dreamers disease,
Where your big ideas,
Don’t make connection with your buckling knees,
And saw the greed and agreed that it sucked,
But they said, "don’t laugh at money cos it’s bad luck"
Get outta london, get outta london.

Boss Hog

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this thread is useless without Tina Fey.

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Boss Hog

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It has been said that I am like the father that wasn't afraid to tear off his belt and show you the virtues of leather. Yet I did it because I loved you.

(I'm the one who said it).


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I never realized just how bad my spelling was till I started posting here! I don't take any of it to heart though.
Thanks for the spelling lessons :rolleyes: :D

P.s. Chris you're a jackass!

see, learning already! :D

Boss Hog

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today's lunch

An array of fresh salads, a holiday vegetable wreath, various patés, seafood, imported and domestic cheeses, an assortment of freshly baked rolls and much more! Roast Turkey with all the trimmings… and each day the Chef will be featuring a different entrée and vegetarian special of the day, Christmas pudding with hot rum sauce, English Trifle, and lots of other Christmas goodies Coffee or Tea