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Seriously, Marleau hasn't done a single thing all series. He needs to be moved to the fourth line and move Moore up to play with Nylander. The Tavares line also needs to score in game 7. I think because they had a good game 1 people have an impression of them playing well the whole series. If you take out game 1 and Marner's shot block in game 3 they've actually been shit.


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no fucking way anyone picked the Hurricanes to make it this far, let alone sweep the Islanders.
Now...the Canes are the Favorite to win the Cup.


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No he isn't. The leafs achieved exactly what everyone expected them to achieve. They pushed a more accomplished, more balanced, overall better team to a game 7 and lost in the other teams rink. The Bruins are a better team statistically and their best players have won a cup. They are maybe the favourites to do that again right now.

The leafs have shite defence. Everyone knew that going into the season and that didn't change at all during the season. They aren't in their window of true contention yet. Their core players (outside of Tavares and Reilly) aren't even 23. They need another couple of pieces on d and more grit and grind in their third and fourth line. If Kadri is their enforcer, they have problems.

I'm not a huge fan of Babcock but letting him go right now is silly. Mgmt knows, the team knows and generally the fans know what this team is and that's probably 2 years away from truly contending.


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Is coaching overrated or underrated in hockey?
Neither. When you look at what Barry Trotz has been able to do with the Islanders it shows how much impact a coach can make. Now a lot of their success has to do with goaltending and it may be a one off but to go from worst to first in goals against is pretty impressive.

On the flip side you have Babcock who hasn't won a series in 10 years. His stubbornness is holding a talented team back. He has his system, maybe that system only works well for team Canada but not for how the Leafs are built.