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History of Techno


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Techno room...

I am researching a paper about the repurposing of the Roland TB303 and TR909, from their original intent, by the Detroit Three primarily, to create techno.

Does anyone have any links, texts, articles, books or any other references that they could recommend to me?

I want to remain on this main theme - that is how the technology shaped the sound. It will, of course, encompass other socio-econmic factors, but I mainly want to talk about the technology of these two Rolands.


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More Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction - Kodwo Eshun

The chapters "Synthetic Fiction/Electronic Thought" and "Programming Rhythmic Frequencies" would be of interest to you. They deal with The Electrifying Mojo, Cybotron, Model 500, and Drexciya.

It's a fantastic read! Also, for general music/cultural theory refer to..


Quite a solid text that covers the 20th century of music in theory from Russolo right through Cascone.

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