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History Of Hip-Hop Vol.3 Part I/III: What's Golden?(Check Out This I Bring!)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Illuminati, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member


    So, we have arrived at the third volume in the series which happens to place us in what many consider to be the "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop music. This was a time when everything really began to change in Hip-Hop both musically and culturally. This era was completely uncontrived and completely original. The plethora of quality lyricism, beats and style has not been seen since IMHO(although the years between 93-96 came damn close). we saw many MC's and groups establish themselves as true forces in the genre(PE, BDP, Ice T, NWA et al.) as well as the birth of the super-producers(The Bomb Squad, Prince Paul, Marley Marl, Dr. Dre, Erik Sermon et al.) who continue to make their presence felt in the game.

    You will notice that this volume is being broke down into three parts, which I feel completley necessary considering the staggering amount of amazing material released during this era. Many of the artists continue to make an impact while a lot of the other artists either faded out or began working in other fields of the culture whether as producers, mangement or writers.

    There has been some dispute as to what years this "Golden Age" actually covers. Some limit it to the years between 87-90, while others claim it runs somewhere between 88-93. Well, In this case the material I will consider will be from the years 88-91. That may seem like a pretty short period but you will see from the three parts that there is plenty of music here to cover and will probably have to leave some of your faves out considering the ground I have to cover. Don't worry though, It's gonna be pure heat!



    Think About It-Special Ed
    Top Billin'-Audio Two
    Cha Cha Cha-MC Lyte
    The Formula-The D.O.C.
    Smooth Operator-Big Daddy Kane
    Im Still #1-BDP
    Microphone Fiend-Eric B & Rakim
    My Philosophy-BDP
    Ego Trippin'-Ultramagnetic MC's
    Cappuccino-MC Lyte
    To The Max-Stezo
    Strictly Business-EPMD
    Act A Fool-King Tee
    A Bitch Iz A Bitch-NWA
    Big Ole Butt-LL Cool J
    Music Man-Masta Ace
    Don't Believe The Hype-Public Enemy
    Road To The Riches-Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
    Ain't No Half Steppin'-Big Daddy Kane
    Funky For You-Nice & Smooth
    Children's Story-Slick Rick
    Steppin' To The A.M.-3rd Bass
    DBC Let The Music Play-Stetsasonic
    Eazy-er Said Than Dun-Eazy E
    How Ya Like Me Now-Kool Moe Dee
    Night Of The Living Baseheads-Public Enemy
    Talking' All That Jazz-Stetsasonic
    I'm Your Pusher-Ice T
    Critical Beatdown-Ultramagnetic MC's
    It's Tricky-Run D.M.C.
    Vapors-Biz Markie
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    that 420 guy TRIBE Member

    link please!
  3. Vote_4_Pedro

    Vote_4_Pedro TRIBE Member

    Ya, I tought it was my computer missing something!

    Looks like a wicked set, hook us up!
  4. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

  5. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

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