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History of Hip-Hop Vol.2/10: Kings Of Rock(Your'e Gonna Get Yours!)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Illuminati, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

    With the second volume of the series we are going to head straight into the “New School” sound from around ’84-87 with some relevant material from ’88 as well. The major difference you’ll notice is the evolution from the “Disco Rap” style that was the dominant sound to the more aggressive and raw 909/drum machine sound aka the “New School”. With the shift in sound came a serious shift in lyrical content. The simple back and forth style gave way to the braggadocio and boasting of MC’s lyrical skills, money, women and home turf. You can see that the MC realized there really could be more to this element than just the party leader. There was opportunity to say something with depth or force. Of course, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were huge influences in that regard. The MC Also began to sharpen his word play with more intricate word use and rhyme patterns.

    There is some representation of the early West Coast style but it is still pretty much a NYC thing here. Even though it is such a short period of time the evolution of the style and skill still remains impressive. Most of the artists in this volume really established the ground work for the years to come. It is also quite impressive that most the artists in this volume either remained relevant for a serious amount of time afterward or continue to remain a relevant force in the genre. The artists featured here will be well represented in the years to follow as well, into what many consider the "Golden Age" of Hip-Hop.



    Dope Fiend Beat-Too $hort
    9mm Goes Bang-BDP
    Hey Young World-Slick Rick
    Eazy Duz It-Eazy E
    I Can’t Live Without My Radio-LL Cool J
    The Bridge Is Over-BDP
    Paul Revere-The Beastie Boys
    6 N The Mornin’-Ice T
    Sophisticated Bitch-Public Enemy
    Your’e A Customer-EPMD
    Hold It Now, Hit it-The Beastie Boys
    Nightmares-Dana Dane
    Gucci Time-Schoolly D
    The Bridge-MC Shan
    Mack Attack-Too $hort
    Eric B Is President-Eric B & Rakim
    Make The Music With Your Mouth-Biz Markie
    I Got An Attitude-Antoinette
    King Of Rock-Run D.M.C.
    Rock The Bells-LL Cool J
    Roxanne’s Revenge-Roxanne Shante
    Nobody Beats The Biz-Biz Markie
    You Gots To Chill-EPMD
    Roxanne, Roxanne-UTFO
    The Show-Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
    Public Enemy No.1-Public Enemy
    Have A Nice Day-Roxanne Shante
    Sucka MC’s-Run D.M.C.
    Your’e Gonna Get Yours-Public Enemy
    I Ain’t No Joke-Eric B & Rakim
    Peter Piper-Run D.M.C.
    Mona Lisa-Slick Rick

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  2. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Good man, gotta rep Schoolly D with this era.

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