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History Homework #6 - Latin, Soul and Jazz (All Vinyl)

le bricoleur

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Brendan B - History Homework #6

History Homeroom: History Homework #6

Haryou Percussion Group – Welcome To The Party [Cubop]
Mongo Santamaria – Teminha Pra Bebe [Yaya]
Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc – Lupita [Omega]
Tenório Jr – Nebulosa [Mr. Bongo]
Chakachas – Stories [sdban]
Ron Henderson & Choice of Colour – I’ll Be Around [Mukatsuku]
Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside You [Music Gallery]
Lee McDonald – We’ve Only Just Begun [Favourite]
Marvin Gaye – Where Are We Going? [Motown]
Darrow Fletcher – No Limit [Kent Select]
James Mason – Sweet Power Your Embrace [Chiaroscuro]
Tommy Stewart – Fulton County Line [Luv N Haight]
Plunky & Oneness of Juju – Every Way Buy Loose [Black Fire]
Newban – Why Did You Desert Me? [Guiness/BBE]
Split Decision Band – Watching Out [Now Again]
Both Worlds – Get Up [TPI]
Janko Nilovic – Trumpet Superstar [Underdog]
Mellow Madness – Save The Youth [Kay Dee]
Yusef Lateef – Chang, Chang, Chang [Soul Jazz]
Roy Porter Sound Machine – Jessica [Chelan]
Art Farmer Septet – Mau Mau [BGP]
Together – Hot Music (Live Verison) [Chazawa]
Matthew Larkin Cassels – Heaven [Stonesthrow]
GoGo Penguin – Hopopono [Gondwana]
The Elder Statesman – Montreux Sunrise [Bastard Jazz]
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good stuff but where's the download link?

and why can't mixes be kept under 80 min so they fit on a CD?

i can understand a 2 or 2.5 hour mix. but 87 min? it kills me
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