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History Homeroom: Dj Splattermonkey's Substitute Teachers Mix (November 2013) - Jazz Funk Soul

le bricoleur

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History Homeroom: Your Substitute Teacher is: Dj Splattermonkey

Jimmy Smith - Root Down [Verve]
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery [Crippled]
Odell Brown & The Organ-izers - Mirar Mirar [Cadet]
Al Hirt - Honey Pot [RCA Victor]
John Klemer - Free Soul [Chess]
Charles Kynard - Boogalooin' [Prestige]
James Brown - Ain't It Funky [King]
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77 - Superstition [Bell]
Charles Kynard - Reelin' With The Feelin' [Prestige]
Lorez Alexandria - Baltimore Oriole [Discovery]
Jimmy Smith - Got My Mojo Workin' [Verve]
Jack McDuff - The Heatin' System [Argo]
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