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History Homeroom: AndyCapp's Substitute Teachers Mix (Jan '14) - Boogie, Afro, Latin, Leftfield

le bricoleur

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History Homeroom Presents: AndyCapp's Substitute Teachers Mix (January 2014)

Boogie, Afrobeat, Latin, Leftfield, Raregroove

History Homeroom: Your Substitute Teacher is: AndyCapp

1. Crossing The Line
2. Efri Tete
3. Burrito Bandito
4. Say You Will
5. Mr. Pride
6. Mass Riff
7. Rejoice In Righteousness
8. Rollin'
9. Yo No Como Camaron
10. Magic Toy
11. Crossing Over
12. Chunga Funk
13. A New Day
14. Hold On To Your Heart
15. Castles Made of Sand

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