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Historical Concert

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Magnolia Fan, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. Magnolia Fan

    Magnolia Fan TRIBE Member

    If you could go back in time to any concert/performance/party/etc that ever happened, which would you go to?

    (you can answer with more than one)...
  2. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    Any Bob Marley Concert!
  3. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member


    Free love, and lots of drugs!
  4. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    -Moby at the Toronto Island Airport party...'94, I believe

    -Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine, and Oakey at Creamfields 2000

    -Hybrid at System last February

    -The shooting for U2's "Where the streets have no name" video in L.A.

    Bias [​IMG]
  5. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    definitely Poker Face!
    it would have been amazing for so many reasons outside of the music - the ones you mentioned esp [​IMG]!
  6. Tonedeff

    Tonedeff TRIBE Member

    [wavy gravy]stay away from the brown acid[/wavy gravy]
  7. Preroller

    Preroller TRIBE Member

    Led Zeppelin live in 1975 or so at a small blues bar

    Jimmy Hendrix at the Monnteray pop festival.

    Woodstock 69 for sure

    parties?......I would like to go to some goa parties in the moors like someone said they went to .

    Those full moon parties in Thailand(?) sound pretty wikked.
  8. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    I second the Bob Marley concert

    i'd also want to witness the Rolling Stones concert that turned into a debauchery because the Hell's Angel's were hired for security.
  9. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    Pink Floyd playing the berlin wall just after the fall of comunisim in eastern germany.

    Jean Michael Jarre - Moscow, the first western musician allowed into Communist China to perform.

    The Last Greatful Dead Show before Garcia passed away.
  10. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    The goa party in the Puerto Rico jungle that they had in 2000 headlined by Infected Mushroom. They also had just about every other major psychedelic headliner at that party.

    I would give anything to go back in time and trip out in the rainforest with IM.

  11. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    Woddstock, the original and the recent ones.
    any bob marley, these two are a given.
    a Queen concert as well as the tribute that happened in 92 or 93.
    any Zeppelin concert

  12. Preroller

    Preroller TRIBE Member

    HOLY SHIT!!! That would be the best party evar.

    Pete, have you checked into the IM party in NY yet? Actually isn't it like last week or this weeK?
  13. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    Apparently I saw him at Nathan Phillips Square when I was only 3. Needless to say I don't remember a thing.

    jeremy -I bet my parents don't either- jive
  14. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member

    I would love to see Mozart perform.
  15. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Band Aid & Woodstock
  16. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    And Energy 2000 to see Tiesto, cause well, yeah. [​IMG]
  17. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter

    Pink Floyd - 1979. They performed the Wall live in only a few places.

    Nassau Colisieum, New York
    England and some other places. I would see all of them.


    Go back to the fall of the Berlin Wall and watch the Wall performed by Roger Waters with such performers as Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper, Tim Curry, The Scorpions and more. Half of East and West germany were there.
  18. LoopeD

    LoopeD TRIBE Member

    Pink Floyd - The Wall original tour

    Led Zep @ Madison Square for The Song Remains The Same

    Woodstock (of course)

    Stones at Altamont

    Montery Pop

    Grateful Dead - I don't care which one, I'm just pissed that I never saw em [​IMG]

    Robert Nesta Marley, 1970 in Negril Jamaica [​IMG]

  19. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    I wish I saw the White Zombie / Type O Negative tour too

    I'm pissed I never got to see WZ live. [​IMG]
  20. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    I would go back and hear the concert with The Who and The Doors, I forget the year it occured though.

    I would go back and hear any performance by Maria Callas.

    and that Infected Mushroom party that Pete posted would be heavenly as well.
  21. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter

    I saw Type-O with Social Distortion and Life of Agony...Did I ever get my ass kicked in that pit!
  22. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    hahahahhaahahahh!!!! I've seen em live 3 times, and I got my ass kicked each time

    at the Sabbath/Pantera/Deftones concert I snuck into the pit and got my glasses crushed

    Oh metal, How I love thee.
  23. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    the Pantera / Type O tour would've fucking kicked.


    Man, pantera rules. [​IMG]
  24. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    The concert where Ozzy "retires" would've been cool too. I got the double cd, but it would've been fucking great live.

    Ummmm....any old Sabbath concert. I'm glad I got to see em but it would've been better a LONG time ago

    ummm same with KISS...Good concert, but would've been better in the 70's

  25. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains would've been nice too

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