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Hippy Disco: Rich Hope - Mossy Meadows mix


TRIBE Member
some trippy chill disco-ey beats, this one's pretty laid back. Enjoy!

DL Rich Hope- Mossy Meadows

Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson (Loosefit vs Peter Vesti)
DJ Steef - Triolisme (Magic Wand)
Dynamicron - Love a Woman (Midnight Riot)
Cram - Mossy Meadows (Deja-Move Remix) De-Ja Tunes
Martin Brodin - Don't Stop The Dance (Dub Mix) MB Disco
Cut Copy - Sun God (Andrew Weatherall Mix) Modular
Say Lou Lou - Better in the Dark (Tiger & Woods Remix) a Deux
Fat Freddy's Drop - Bohannon (Dub) The Drop
Future Feelings - Wicked (Tickle Sound)
Man Tear - Outside Amore (Dub) DFA
Osborne - There (Spectral Sound)