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Hipp-E @ Nation - Life


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Well, first off I must say that Myka is the man! He was dropping some groovy, tribal rhythms, and then he brings in one of my personal favorites - Silicone Soul "Right On". Props to him...he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. At about 2am, Hipp-E steps up and starts dropping some of the dirtiest, trippiest, zoniest house music I have ever heard. Rolling baselines from hell! Suke, you would have loved it. Anyway, I had a wicked time...a wicked weekend.

Where was the DANGERhOUSe crew all weekend?

And remember, support your local DJs...'cuz they can rock it with the best of 'em.



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Nesta, you went out on saturday? you're pretty hardcore man...saturday was a blur for me cause I was still recovering from friday. I would have liked to have heard Hipp-e though.


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Shazz ... I totally forgot about this. Thought it was later in the month. True Nesta ... the track "Right On Right On" is dope on plastic. I had family stuff up in some city called BRAMPTON. Glad you had a great time. Rolling percussion, trippy zoney house and LIFE skins = Safe!. I'll be there for the leader of The H ... Halo on December 22nd. If you trusted "me" on The H ... you can trust me on SLAM

Live @ United We Stand. Toronto, On. ======================> Suke.
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Smiley Jo

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In a word... DIRTY!

Raw, bass-ey, poundin', dirty tracks.

Myka's was sick, comparable to when I saw him at Comfort Zone. Played a few tracks that we had to ID.

Hipp-e took it a notch further, throwing down alot of those tracks where the lows feel as though they are corroding your insides. Pretty much what I expected from him comsidering the last few H-Foundation remixes i've heard.

Dirty, dirty, dirty... yet definitely worth checking out. (Even at Life.)


orange richie

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Wanted to go so bad...

I keep missing one of my favorites, but I was in no shape to go out that night. Next time....

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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wanted to go soo bad...
Sweet Nicole from Most Wanted even hooked me up..

but I blew my knee out in the afternoon

whon to that whon