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Hip-Hop Verses That Still Bug You Out


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for me its still a few off Gzas 'liquid swords'

'its a wide entrance
small exit like a funnel
so deep its picked up
on radios in tunnels'


'lyrics are weak
like clock radio speakers'

...they slay me everytime,still almost 10 years later:D


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mocha only's verse in that breathe song with nelly furtado bugs the shit outta me:p Really though what's he rambling about anyways? He should stick to his one dimensional hook's.......

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Originally posted by maddog
mocha only's verse in that breathe song with nelly furtado bugs the shit outta me:p Really though what's he rambling about anyways? He should stick to his one dimensional hook's.......

I actually like Moka's older tracks. Like Check My Style...or La La La. Not bad...but maybe it's because his newer stuff with SM is ass.

"Sometimes I'm harder to understand than Camp Lo..."

terrawrist III

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Originally posted by bboyrds
- Talib from the RE album
- J-Live
- Del
for real...the best part will always stay around with me...

for me it's about the old stuff that got me into this shit...ANYTHING from the low end theory and paul's boutique...ANYTHING from quasimoto's the unseen

"sucka's try to bring it but strictly be bluffin'...quesimoto droppin' jewels on phoney niggas actin' rough AND tuff MC's ain't really sayin' nuffin"

judge wopner

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who mentioned big L... yeah!

glocks in my socks/
cops think im selling rocks,/
pulling me over to see if im drunk/
but im sober/
they wouldnt pull me over if drove a nova/
listen columbo, youre mad because your money come slow/
what you make in a year i make in one show/

The Kid

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Originally posted by terrawrist III
ANYTHING from quasimoto's the unseen

"sucka's try to bring it but strictly be bluffin'...quesimoto droppin' jewels on phoney niggas actin' rough AND tuff MC's ain't really sayin' nuffin"
YEAH! Has the new one dropped yet?
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Niggas is mad I get more butt than ash trays,
Fuck a fair one I get mines the fast way,
The ski mask way,
Ransom notes,
Far from handsome...but damn a nigga tote,
more guns than roses,
Foes is,
shaking in their boots,
Invisible bullies like The Gooch,
Disappear...vamoose...you're wack to me,
Take them rhymes back to the factory,
I see,
The gimmicks...the wack lyrics,
The shit is depressing...pathetic...please forget it,
You're mad cause my style you're admiring,
Don't be mad...UPS is hiring,
You shoulda been a cop...fuck hip-hop,
With that freestyle you're bound to get shot,
Not from Houston but I rap-a-lot,
Pack the gat a lot,
The flav's bout to drop uhh,


terrawrist III

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sorry...not a verse but hard to narrow it down...:D

For underground metaphors
You can scrape an inch below the turf, for what it's worth
My style's been developed in the core of the Earth
The exhale's volcanic, the inhale is seismic
So brothers just panic when he Live one arrives with
The natural ability to run through your crew
From 2-1-4 to 2-1-3 to 2-1-2
In other words, from Dallas, to L.A., to the place where J stay
Everyday is mayday
So you can talk your trash on how you're wettin MC's
with mad blood stains but I'll bet you can't stand the rain
I look upon your brain with disdain
Go back and reflect on my endeavors black I can't complain
It's like a raw deal, consistant with the way I make you feel
The ends stay revealed while the means I conceal
And those who try to steal get decapitated
You wanna snatch my H2O type flow, but it evaporated
I displays my credentials over instrumentals
And my potential, increases at a rate that's exponential
It's detremental questionin my thesis
The penetration's exact, like amniocentesis
I rip your rhyme to pieces after drainin out your fluid
My vocab is fluent yours is evident of being truant
I know you wanna make moves but son you best to take a second look
Before my knight takes your rook


Cause everybody's rappin, and only few can flow
So why the hell they tryin to deal with Live I don't know
I handle true MC's on their block or at their show
So if you come with bull kid, keep it on the low

Cause yo, I got the hairsplittin, self-written unbitten style
that leaves the competition running scared and shakin in their pants

You best to set it off cause black it aint no second chance
once I'm open, all you doin is hopin that the Live one
will put the mic down, but son don't try to snatch it after
The laughter won't cease from the comparison, how dare you son
Step around the booth when I'm on
The microphone magician says poof, you're gone with the wind
There's no trace of your friends cause you don't know where the
beginning ends or where the end begins
But you see that's the difference, you get sold, I get paid
Black I told you, get paid
If you're broke I'll have to rain on your parade
You belong in Special Ed if you think you Got It Made
J-Live with the mic is like the chef with the blade
Cause suckers get sliced and sauteed
Yeah, you thought your joint was fly but the flight was delayed

Chorus: repeat 2X

Cause yo, I take the grey matter of pretenders
through my mental blender, and then return to sender
My pen don't pretend to offend
I intend to render MC's, hangin loose like a fender bender
I recommend regardless of your gender
That you strike messin with J-Live from your agenda
And remember that whoever lends a helpin hand to defend ya
Will get burned to a cinder
As I end the, reign of wack MC's with their suicidal tendencies
Renderin me sick, with the thoughts of killin enemies
But then I return to reality
Metaphorically murderin MC's when they battle me
You can't rattle me
I'm not your average snake slitherin through the grass
I surpass the serpent as I head to class
You consider me crass as I wax that ass; style's no joke
but you best belive I gets the last laugh
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My life story strictly business never blew my chance
Moms kicked me out the house when I was flippin 'I'm the Man'
Put the boys on the street, make them walk this beat
Teach them how to eat, and to seek for peace
Son I stamped this name Livin' Proof cause I mean what I say
Bring the fake to reality and make them pay
Yo these ghetto rhyme stories got em scared to death
I'm tryin to get the fuck out, see what the world's about
Check it nineteen-eighty-six is when I reached my peak
Take my brothers outta state and tried to make some ends meet
First destinate your sector then it's just like that
Makin moves with my brothers and there's no turnin back
We got thirty-six grams on the scale right now
Gettin ready with my brothers time to break the shit down
I'm not about killin my people but you know how it go
Work with me not against me and we'll make mad dough
Wear my co-defendant out when I break down with rap
Hold me back and give me love and now I'm givin it back
A unique sound from the streets and it's just so sweet
My Livin' Proof life story, let me break it in piece

:D :D
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terrawrist III

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"you masturbate and still can't seem to come off!"

"you played the role of a sucka like a pornographic actress, the fact is..."

"you could never be down with me even if you were gravity!"

shit...CMON DEF JUX give treds a fuckin' contract or something...at least an EP
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