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Hip Hop show......6 PM Today(Thurs)


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If your interested in knowing where hip hop is nowadays....or wanna hear some Dirty slept on tunes........be sure to check out my mixes HERE!!!

AT 6 - 8 pm every thursday(Thats today)

If you do tune in, enjoy the show.....I spent alot of time on it and hopefully they actually fill me in that time slot.

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My bad .........wont happen again

but heres the tracklisting

Track Listing

Jurassic 5 feat Nelly furtado - Thin Line
Outkast - jazzybell
RJD2 - Smoke and mirrors
Notorious BIG - Everyday Struggle
Djprimo Instrumental with Unsunghero's acappella for "what would you do"
MF doom as Viktor Vaughn - Saliva
RJD2 - Ghostwritter
C RAYZ WALZ - BAttle me
Jaylib - Satrz
Outkast - " Acension"
Dj mark Farina Mushroom jazz 4 (forgot track)
Talib Kweli - .......get at me if you need this name
Organized Konfusion - Invetro
Common - (get at me for the name)
Freddie Foxx - Lazy
Cali Agents - The anthem
Roc Raida And Wayne O - (Get at me for the name)
Outkast - (ATAliens)
Wu Tang - Protect ya neck ReMIX!
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