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Hip Hop records for sale

wayne bradbury

TRIBE Member
DJ Vadim 2LP Life From the Other Side $10

The High and Mighty 2LP Home Field Advantage $10

Defenders of The Underworld Battleaxe compilation 2LP $10

The Creators 2LP The Weight (featuring lots of artists) $10

Mos Def 12" Universal Maganetic/If You Can Huh You Can Hear $10

The Creators 12" The Hard Margin (featuring Mos Def and Talib Kweli) $10

Mr. Len(Company Flow) 12" This Morning $5

Mr. Len 12" Straight/What The Fuck? $5

Sensational 12" Beats Rhymes and Styles $5

El da Sensei 12" Frontline $5

Afu Ra 12" Defeat(DJ Premier) $5

Del 12" Phony Phrancise $5

Non Phixion 12" I Shot Reagan $10

All vinyl is in excellent condition.

PM me or email mullethunter75@hotmail if interested
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wayne bradbury

TRIBE Member
A few more records for sale.

Mr. Lif - Enter The Colosus $5

PolyRhythm Addicts - Rhyme Related $10

Dilated Peoples 12" The Platform $5

Talib Kweli 12" The Express/Some Kind of Wonderful $5

Common 12" 1999/ Like They Used To Say $10

Mos Def 12" Mis Fat Booty/ Mathematics $5

Gangstarr 12" Fullclip/ Dwyck $5

Group Home - Tear For The Ghetto 2LP $10

Cannibal Ox 2LP - The Cold Vein $15

Company Flow 2LP - Little Johnny From The Hospital $15

Sixtoo Instrumental 10" $5