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Hip hop Ken and Barbie


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Mattel Launches New Dolls With Flava

Focusing on unique style, by using a variety of sizes, faces and outfits, Mattel is hoping its new Flavas dolls will appeal to girls who embrace the hip-hop culture, which celebrates fearless self-expression through freestyle dance, hip hop music, street sport and signature fashions.

Flavas, Mattel's new reality-based fashion doll brand, are now available in stores nationwide. The hip-hop themed dolls are Kiyoni Brown, Tré, P. Bo, Liam, Happy D and Tika.

"Flavas embraces the highly-popular hip hop trend with breakthrough concepts never seen before in the older girl toy market," said Jerry Bossick, senior vice president of Mattel. "Flavas also represents several other firsts in the doll aisle. Just like real teens, Flavas reflects true individuality through a variety of sizes, face sculpts and styles unique to each character within the line."

The Flavas crew consists of six friends - four girls and two boys - all sporting their hip-hop style. Guaranteeing they maintain their distinct identity, each character has an individual face sculpt, ensuring that all six Flavas crew members reflect the look of real teens while differentiating each character from the other.

The members of the Flavas crew are also all different heights, ranging from 10 to 11 1/2 inches. The dolls feature more articulation than other fashion dolls: 10 points of articulation to allow for a variety of poses and a way for girls to reflect more "attitude" through the dolls.

Reflecting how today's teens change their looks based on their personality and mood of the moment, Flavas will also feature multiple looks of the same character in every product wave. Each Flavas crew member will have two very different-looking dolls at launch, with different fashions, hairstyles, make-up and even eye color. As an example, one Happy D doll will showcase a sporty look, while a second will feature Happy D's street style - each with unique fashions, hair accessories, make-up and style.

Mattel is targeting the dolls to girls aged 8 to 10.

Each Flavas doll features two detailed fashion outfits, including rub-on decals that allow girls to "DIY" (do-it yourself) their own custom Flavas looks, another form of unique self-expression.

The Flavas launch campaign includes a sponsorship of this summer's Christina Aguilera tour, who Mattel says personifies the idea of fearless self-expression.



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It is real. No joke.

My friend bought me the P.Bo one because she thought it was the funniest thing she had seen in a long time. She said P.Bo was the doll that looked most like me.