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Hiking in and around Ontario

Beer babe

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Hey guys....planning to do some hiking on the april long weekend. Got any sugguestions? Me and my partner were hoping to do something in the states (something different). But open to any suggestions.

I've done some of the Bruce Trail and enjoyed it, but would love some more ideas.

I can't wait to hit the trails!


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If you want to make the trip to USA, Mt. Washington is Fucking AWESOME.

Bruce trail is definitely some of the best hiking around here. have you hiked the whole bruce trail? It's pretty varried depending on where you go and there's so much of it. Short Hills in Niagara is great for a day hike. Mt. Nemo And Rattlesnake point near Guelph Line are both amazing day spots with great views. Awesome stuff along Lion's Head and up int the Bruce Peninsula too.

My #1 spot in the province though is Killarney Park (south west of sudbury). Granite Ridge Trail provides some of the most picturesque view this province has to offer. Group of 7 painters made this view famous.


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I second Killarney, though in April it will be a bit wet since all of that snow will still be melting. The Adirondacks is also a great place to go hiking & snow shoeing as well, particularly Algonquin Peak & Mount Marcy.

Bacchus, if you love Killarney then you'll love my sets of them on flickr :) "The Colours" is a biennially* trip my friends and I take. 8 day canoe trip counter clockwise in Killarney around Thanksgiving week, or before it.


I still have to post up 2013's edition.

Killarney - 4.5 hour drive
Adirondacks - 6 hour drive
Mt Washington - 9 hour drive if I recall

*I had to look this word up, the trip happens every other year.
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day hikes or overnight?

killarney is amazing but you won't truly get to see it's beauty on a day hike (althought I believe there's a porter service that will take you out close the 'the crack' so it is only a day hike).


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There's still remains alot of ice and snow on trails. Even the Don has snow but it will be a mudpit for a few weeks
The warmer temps and rain is helping to melt the snow and ice, but the further north of TO you go the worse it is.
I live in Caledon and we can't ride the trails yet. There are some people running in areas like Palgrave where there are alot of walkers/hikers packing down the trails

Friends in Muskoka report that trails are packed with snow , which is good for fat bikes and maybe hiking but off trail, the snow is hip deep.

You might want to check in again closer to the long weekend for trail conditions


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Any day hikes within an hour of Toronto that are appropriate for a kid that is almost five?

All these are pretty close and have parts of the Bruce Trail running through them. I take my 4 year old hiking here:

Silvercreek Conservation Area/Scottsdale Farm
Limehouse Conservation Area
Mono Cliff Provincial Park
Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve
Boyne Valley Provincial Park
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le bricoleur

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Mono Cliffs is really cool. But as the name suggests, there's a lot of uphill climbing.

It's also really close to Earl Rowe PP, which is a nice recreational camp ground with a huge wading pool for younger kids. It'd make an ideal my-first-camping combo. (But you can't fish there because the water is toxic).


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Any day hikes within an hour of Toronto that are appropriate for a kid that is almost five?
The Rouge Valley or Seaton trails are pretty close and a good intro hiking. That's where I went hiking with my family when I was that age.


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Awesome, thanks for the tips. I was wading through the hiking websites a few weeks ago but I was having trouble making headway. Tribers sort me out in no time.
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Growing up in Niagara, we would hike the Niagara Gorge, Decew Falls and Rockway Conservation Area, St. John's Conservation Area and Short Hills Provincial Park.