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highways in newfoundland

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That's going to suck when it starts warming up, and those walls collapse onto someones car.
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There wasn't nearly this much snow on the island, but still quite a bit. Nearly 2 feet, with drifts as high as 5 feet.

It took 3 of us 6 hours to shovel out my Uncle's driveway and back walkway.

Inssaaane amount of snow.

We then proceeded to drink Blue Star until we couldn't see good.
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Cheer Bear

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Originally posted by LivingRoomPornstar
I have a cousin that's a minister there.

Its pretty sparsely populated, but established.


that's what my hubster just told me too. Then he laughed at me for being an Ontario person.:mad:

Prickly Pete

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I am going to guess that is in Labrador... cause I lived in Corner Brook for 20 years (which claims to have the 4th highest average snow fall in N. A. - highest in Newfoundland - at 16 feet anually) and the snowbanks weren't quite that bad... granted some years they were a good 10 feet high... but that seems a lot higher and crazier...