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High Wire - Sky High

Mystik Illusion

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What an awesome party. One small problem though - one of my friends lost their wallet (of course containing all of their ID). If you've found a wallet belonging to Dermot Hamilton, please e-mail me at mystik_illusion@mail.com. Thanks....


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yip yip yip

first party in two months

still awaaaake

good mad music

much madder dancing

severe eardrum damage

blacklight overdose

shimmering bathroom tiles

hot and sweaty save a few secret spots under supercool tubes

good crowd though they thinned out early

all I can say at this point is,



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Wicked Party!

I was suprised, there was a vibe, and a load of friendly people.
Wicked decorations and sound and wicked music.
O-Zone was pure entertainment, with his live drumming.
All together, a wicked way to bring in their one year anniversary.
Everyone who wasn't there, better look out cause High Wire is gonna throw some wicked parties this coming year.



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i agree with you ^^^
i wasn't expecting too much from this party, but it was a nice surprise. good crowd, good music (but only at the end). when i got there around 1, the music was horrendous. i'm by no means a 'head' in this category, but even i could tell uabomer(?) was not doing a good job. it sounded choppy; the build-up was too drawn out and for nothing, because he didn't thown anything in after that; and i just didn't like his selections. the next dj's were a little better, but still not all that great. however, that seemed to be the pattern -- as the night progressed the dj's got better and better. so by the time i left (a little after 4) i was having lots of fun. enough to make my legs sore today.

my only other complaint is that is was a sauna. i had to take my top off so i could keep dancing. i'm just thankful i happened to have a sports bra on that day.
overall, a good night out.


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i was totally not expecting to go to this party, but at the last minute decided to go. i also managed to talk my friend into going, even though she had to work at 5:30am!

i was happy that it was at the good old sketchy tropicana.
got there pretty early but waited in line for over an hour- there was something else going on there. oh well. it was pretty empty though and we had tons of dance space to bust a move to the unabomber's set, which was wicked. the vibe was pretty good- kinda sketchy crowd, but i think i'm just getting more bitter or something??
i was really excited to hear paladin and check out his new suit, which was pretty crazy. and his set did not disappoint, as usual. i liked o-zone too- i hadn't seen him before, so i was pleasantly surprised. overall good tunes......we left early- around 3 cuz we were super tired and it was really hot blah blah....and my friend had to work really early. but yeah.....good times.....it was much needed, i hadn't been to a party since atm. nice party highwire!

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m'eh..this party didn't really do anything for me, saw a few faces I knew...danced a tiny bit, but after the tribe party the night before there wasn't a chance that this party could live up to this one...oh well...



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someone told me that this would be the last ever party at the old Tropicana, and that the building was being converted to some kind of university residence...

anyone else hear this?


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I wasn't planning on showing up to Sky High 'cuz I decided to go check out Deep Sea Fish. After being at DSF for about two and half hours though I decided the place wasn't for me (no vibe), so I walked over to Tropicana. It took a while for me to start to enjoy myself 'cuz I was in such a bad mood from DSF but by 4 I was having a good time. The music could have been better (and louder), but then again I was probably just comparing it to DSF (I love psy-trance). I thought it was a nice touch announcing the DJs as they began their set 'cuz I was at the back most the night and couldn't see who was spinning. The heat was horrible but by the end I was dealing with it. I think I would have had a much better time if I had been at High Wire the whole night instead of from 3 am on.


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yeah, i heard that this was to be the last tropicana party...but i've heard that, many a times before...so who knows what to believe these days...

Just one question: didn't the flyer advertise some epic trance? I dunno, maybe there was, after Jason Marshall's set...
Oh well, a dece party nonetheless.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Jason Marshall:
Yeah I spun mostly Hard German Trance.

Needed a change from the floaty stuff.


Peace, Jason.

hmmm shoulda stayed for your set, but I was partied out from the Tribe party and nothing up to that point had indicated that things were going to get better (what was I thinking?) but seriously, ummm, those Ozone guys weren't very good, repetitive and lacking in a danceable beat. Interesting set up but general rating -&gt; weak.