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High Tech Employers.


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So I've been sending resumes looking for a summer engineering job, and today I get an e-mail saying that my resume came out all garbled up.

I send my resumes as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files, as that is widely the industry standard due to their cross platform compatibility.

Maybe my Acrobat Pro 6.0 is a little too new, but it's backward compatible with version 5.0, and shouldn't everyone have version 5.0 by now?

Especially if you're in the "high tech" industry setting?

Not a huge deal, I just converted it to the Acrobat 1.2 [version 3.0] format, but that's a format from like 6 years ago or something something.

Maybe I should just start sending out plain-text resumes. :)


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With Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 ...

Is that the wrong way to do it?

All my PDF files seem to work at all my friend's houses, and in the computer labs at school ... :confused:


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that should be fine. better than doing it with some crappy shareware converter.

i'm not sure, but i bet it's the human resources person on the pther side who doesn't even have adobe reader installed and is trying to read your resume with TextEdit or Word.


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I've used a "free" PDF converter provided by my Engineering Career Services that mutilated my resumes and cover letters, adding non-101 enhanced-keyboard ascii characters were there were no characters before ... but I could always see the mutilation with any version of Acrobat Reader.

I find it hard to believe that someone in the professional workplace doesn't have Acrobat Reader installed, so I'm guessing either they haven't updated in the past 5+ years, or perhaps tried to open it with MS Word or something silly like that.

I thought for second there you were going to tell me that Adobe screws up even their own proprietary format, and that there is a better converter out there that everyone uses instead. :D
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even unix ppl and mac ppl I know take word docs. Text is the only other standard and I rarely see or never have been asked for .pdf


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Originally posted by Humanjava
even unix ppl and mac ppl I know take word docs. Text is the only other standard and I rarely see or never have been asked for .pdf
In all my years of looking for jobs I've never once seen a company request a resume in pdf format.

These are the most common types .doc being used in most offices, and any Tech companies normally request them in plain text.
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